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    Afișați filtrele Afișez toate cele 4 rezultate Marine algae are not a group of organisms encountered on a daily basis due to their occurrence.

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    They develop in marine environment and for hundreds of years they are known to people for their properties improving health and general functioning of the body. High nutritional value of algae, has long been used by people as part of the diet.

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    More and more dietary supplements are created based on natural ingredients, including algae, which accumulate all minerals contained in water. Currently, the most popular and over-the-counter preparations containing algae are supplements based on spirulina, i.

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    The marine organism primarily has a positive effect on the human immune system and slows down the aging process. It plays a role in the mucous membrane of the stomach and even supports the process of detoxification.

    Freshwater algae are recommended as an additive that supports the treatment of rheumatism, hypertension and even diabetes. With the exception of pregnant women and during breastfeeding as well as children under 12 years of age, there are no contraindications regarding the use of the supplement.

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    In particular, it is recommended for people on a vegetarian diet, due to the high content of protein, as it helps to provide the right amount of nutritional value and is the building material necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

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